Mole Cricket Treatment



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Mole Cricket Treatment

Mole crickets can destroy a lawn overnight.

It takes a matter of days for Mole Crickets to cause utter destruction. Because of this, homeowners have little choice but to find out as much as they can about mole cricket spray, mole cricket poison, mole cricket insecticide and mole cricket bait.

Soapy water is not the solution.

If you want to effectively control your mole cricket infestation – Lawnpro is the answer.

A soapy solution merely blocks the mole cricket’s airways that are located on their body for a short period of time, which is why they come up for air. Once these airways are open again, they will just burrow back into the soil, and continue destroying your lawn.

So, what is the best method or insecticide for mole crickets?
Killing mole crickets in your lawn is not as straightforward as it seems. Lawnpro has, over a period of nearly 3 decades, developed some of the most advanced products and methods to kill mole crickets in a lawn, and we are still improving our methods all the time.

Recently, with the assistance of one of the largest mole cricket insecticide importers, we developed a mole cricket spray application that is safe for humans, birds, animals and fish, but will still give you the benefit of a long residual effect. With just one application, your lawn could be mole cricket free for years to come.

By combining a specialised mole cricket spray program with a comprehensive lawn maintenance service, Lawnpro will eradicate the current plague that you may have but will also control all future activity that may arise from time to time.

How does Lawnpro get rid of mole crickets?

Lawnpro has something that no one else has, and that includes:

  • Decades of experience in providing mole cricket pest control;
  • The best insecticides for mole crickets, not available to the general public or even to other pest control companies;
  • The best pest control services and application methods;
  • The safest mole cricket pesticide for this specific problem;
  • Mole cricket treatment by Lawnpro lawn maintenance teams always gets rid of mole crickets the first time;
  • Other Pest control companies use general insecticides for the control of mole crickets.

Don’t waste time risking your lawn’s inevitable destruction. For more information about these nasty plagues, call Lawnpro today to assist you in saving your garden.

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